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Control Humidity Levels in Your Home

[wc_featurelist list_style=’newline’ av_uid=’av-jo0mzmsh’ custom_class=”] [wc_featurelist_item feature=’Store firewood outside of your home as it releases moisture into the air.’ color=” custom_icon=”] [wc_featurelist_item feature=’Ensure that any exhaust fans lead to the outside of the home and ensure they are in areas that are typically humid.’ color=” custom_icon=”] [wc_featurelist_item feature=’Fix any leaking pipes in the home that could […]

Preparing Your Home for Winter

The cold weather is here and by the time you get your warm clothing out it’s already past the time for you to have prepared your home for winter. Make sure that you complete the following tasks before the winter season is in full swing. By doing a little preparation work you can prevent having issues with your home in the cold.

Fire Prevention in the Fall

When the weather starts changing it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to decorate your home. Along with these considerations you need to keep track of fire safety when hanging lights and other potentially dangerous decorations. The following tips will help keep your home safe from fires around the holiday season.

Prepping Your Home for the Fall

Getting your home ready for the fall is important and necessary if you want to avoid having issues pop up from not performing maintenance on your home. You may not even know where to start getting your home ready for fall. This list of tips will help you to have your home better prepared this year for fall so you can save yourself some money from having to deal with repairs.

Fire Safety Guidelines

Every year towards the fall people start celebrating outdoors by making bonfires with their friends and family. Even though this seems harmless, it is important to be aware of the proper safety measures to take if you will be engaging in this type of activity. The following are tips on how to keep a bonfire safe and fun.

How to identify black mold

Black mold is a fungus that can grow in your house and become a health hazard for everyone living inside. It feeds on organic matter and is usually a greenish-black color. If it is wet it will look slimy but can also be dried out and still active. This mold produces toxins that float through the air and are inhaled by people and animals.

Removing the Smell of Cigarettes

Smoke from cigarettes smells nasty and it also sticks to surfaces in your home. This makes it hard to eliminate. In order to get this smell out you will need to clean all of the surfaces in the home. You can start by opening the windows and let fresh air circulate throughout the home.

8 important places to clean in your home

We clean our homes on a regular basis to keep them clean and tidy. We clean floors, windows, and walls but there are still areas that get overlooked. Areas, that if left untouched for too long can build up debris that create the proper conditions for mold.

The importance of ventilation in your home

Having air circulating throughout your home is crucial to maintaining a healthy environment. Properly ventilating your home will ensure that indoor pollution, moisture levels, and the temperature inside the house doesn’t get out of control. In this post, we’ll talk about ways to make sure that your home stays ventilated.